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Simple, effortless Yoga for the mind, the worlds most widely
practised and scientifically validated, non religious meditation


I would recommend TM to anyone who is thinking of learning it both as a tool for managing stress and for facilitating a deeper connection to oneself. (read more)
- Melanie,  Student, London

As a very busy person I still find time for TM after 12 years because it makes a difference. (read more)
- Paul, Engineer, Teesside

I lead a busy, active, often stressful life. I am mum to twin teenage sons and I work full time as a health visitor and counsellor.  TM gives me regular guaranteed time to myself, time to stop, take stock and experience a true sense of inner peace. (read more)
- Becky, Health Visitor, York

TM gives a natural sense of well being but also untangles some of the wires in my mind. Since practicing TM, I’ve been able to breeze through (and even enjoy) job interviews, presentations and public performances where previously they were certainly no walk in the park. I would recommend it to literally anyone. (read more)
- Dave, IT Developer, Manchester

It gives my brain time and space to do what it needs to do without me interfering! I also use TM to help me creatively because it helps to clear my mind and focus on one particular idea or see the connection between ideas. (read more)
Kasia, Learning Disabilities Coreworker, Leeds

I leaned TM in the mid 1990s, turning to it as I was desperately trying to find something that would help me cope with the emotional and physical overload that is teaching.  Deadlines and decisions, frustration and fury are the day-to-day of teaching and TM has helped me find an inner calmness when things have been at their most challenging: an inner calmness that allows me to think more clearly and make decisions.  It’s not all perfect and I go through periods when I don’t meditate but I always turn back to it and I always appreciate the benefits.  Anxiety is something that hits me when I am under stress and overloaded – TM has been fantastic in helping me manage that anxiety, through finding, as I have said, an inner calmness.
- John, Head of Sixth Form,  Hexham

It feels like taking my brain out, washing it with warm soapy water and putting it back in. (read more)
- Gary, Edinburgh

TM has had a profound and hugely positive impact in my life. I would strongly recommend TM to everyone, no matter your age or state of health. It is an easy technique which can be used anywhere (I often TM on the London underground or bus!). (read more)
- Tara, Lawyer, London

I have been practising yoga for over 20 years and been teaching for 12. I have studied many different systems of meditation during this time but felt unable to commit to a regular practice as on a personal level I felt something was missing. I had been interested in T.M but found the cost prohibitive. That was until I discovered Chris Greathead - Transcendental Meditation Independent (UK). I found Chris a relaxed and supportive teacher, always on hand to offer advice if needed.
I immediately took the plunge and six years on have never looked back. As soon as I started T.M I found what had been previously missing for me in other styles. I loved the simplicity and ease of it. My life (like many) is extremely busy but I always ensure I meditate at least once a day for 20 minutes. The benefits are many. I sleep better, I have more energy, I feel calmer and happier and much better equipped to deal with stress.
I would recommend learning T.M to anyone (and indeed do).
- Sharon,  Yoga Teacher, Southampton

The meditation has had a positive effect on my creativity. To anyone considering learning with TM Independent I'd say - go for it! (read more)
- Tracey,  Writer, Perthshire Scotland

From my first meditation, I realised I had found something special. I've come to view meditation as a crucial and enjoyable part of my daily routine. I'm often asked whether I see it as a spiritual or practical pursuit and the answer I give is: 'both'. One doesn't have to accept any particular doctrine to learn TM or interpret its effects as anything mystical. But, emerging from a good TM session, it is hard not to marvel at the profound depth of the technique. (read more)
- Robert,  Journalist, Newcastle upon Tyne

It just feels so satisfying, so necessary  and so right! (read more)
Jane,  Wildlife Artist, Lowick, Northumberland

I’m a bit of a workaholic. I care passionately about what I do as the companies I work for have the potential to make a positive impact on a very large number of people’s lives. I do TM because it makes me more productive – it helps me make better decisions, gives me more energy, and helps me deal with the stressful stuff that inevitably comes along.
 - Will, Businessman, Newcastle upon Tyne

Previous to TM I found I was suffering from fatigue in the evenings to the point where I was falling asleep regularly before and after tea. I regard TM as a gift (read more)
- Jane,  LCITD, MSA, Visiting fellow Northumbria University,  Newcastle upon Tyne

A short but intensive course equipped me with the skills to manage an increasingly demanding work load and young family. I would even go so far as to say it was life changing. I cannot claim I meditate twice a day, everyday but it is a regular part of my life and essential to my well-being. (read more)
- Kim, Deputy Head Teacher, Chester le Street

I learned TM because I was having panic attacks and didn’t want to take medication, preferring a natural remedy. My sister and brother in law recommended it to me. I was assured by Chris at the introductory meeting that my panic attacks would go and they did. The benefits of TM go way beyond this, I said hello to my real self for the first time in years experiencing a deep inner peace that had been covered over by the business and doing stuff of my life. TM has helped me to slow down and enjoy life more with great stress relief. Although I cant say I religiously do my twice a day 20, I can say that I do a  regular daily practice, sometimes doing short sessions of 5 to 10 minutes which can still be of great benefit.
- Isobel, Physiotherapist,  Scarborough

TM has had, and continues to have, an incredibly positive influence on every area of my life . It gives my mind and body the quiet they need to do the natural repair work they were designed to do. (read more)
John,   Retired,  Thailand


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