Trascendental Meditation UK

Transcendental Meditation
Simple, effortless Yoga for the mind, the worlds most widely
practised and scientifically validated, non religious meditation


Industrial Revalation
Sir John Harvey-Jones says "I use TM because it enables me to relax and I am much easier to live with. The effect has been dramatic. To coin a phrase, I don't make a drama out of a crisis. If I gave it up now my wife would leave me. I think every businessman would benefit."
(The London Evening Standard)

It Changed My Life
John Harding, journalist, "My concentration improved, I have amazing physical energy and am capable of long hours of physical work without fatigue. After a fortnight I realised I had stopped biting my nails, a lifelong habit. I have a sense of organisation I have lacked all my life. I feel more patient and tolerant".
(The Sunday Times Magazine)

Dr James Le Fanu
"The overall benefits of regular TM are so staggering as to be almost unbelievable - in one 5-year study, half the number of in-patient admissions to hospital (87% fewer for heart disease and nervous system disorders) These findings are remarkable."
(The Sunday Telegraph)

In the Office
"If your boss sits in the office with his eyes shut it doesn't mean he's nodding off. Transcendental Meditation is the latest craze for high fliers."
(The London Evening Standard)

Stress reduction through Transcendental Meditation may reduce atherosclerosis (clogging of the arteries) and risk of heart attack and stroke, according to findings published today.
(American Heart Association Journal)

Dr Paul Shepard
"I've found over the years as I'm sure other people have done, that it helps to make you more relaxed and clearer thinking, more able to cope with stress. As a doctor, I don't think its just for ill people. I see it as a quality of life improver."

Paul Sheperd has been meditating for about 25 years. He is a GP with a practice in Sacriston, County Durham.


Meditating for Success
Ending his investigation into the value of transcendental meditation in combating work-related stress, PETER JACKSON gives his verdict on the technique he volunteered to learn three months ago.

YES, it works, it really works. TM does the business and I can vouch for it. I volunteered to learn it at the beginning of December, cynically convinced that while it might work for some people - by which, frankly, I meant the suggestible and down right weird - it would have no effect on me. But as I explained in the first if these series of articles the effect was almost immediate and beneficial.

Amazingly, something as simple as sitting down, closing my eyes and mentally repeating a mantra over and over for 20 minutes twice a day has some far reaching results.

I felt more relaxed throughout the day, less bothered by minor irritants, more even-tempered and more energetic.

Any stress just flows away. Come bedtime,I sleep easily and more deeply than I have since childhood and I wake feeling genuinely refreshed.

I grant that this sounds like a testimonial for herbal medicine, but still, that's been my experience - an entirely positive one.

And the whole process is extremely pleasurable, like being asleep but still being conscious to enjoy it.
(The Journal - Northern Business Editor, Peter Jackson)

Darlington G.P, Dr Tony Shaw
"I do a very stressful job and was looking for some form of relaxation so I decided to look into it - and it was amazing. My mind gets quite active sometimes and I find it quite difficult to concentrate on one objective, but TM helped a lot."

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