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Free Group Meditation For All Tomorrow night in Newcastle upon Tyne
Wednesday, 08 March 2017 11:13

Yes we're on as usual tomorrow evening, all welcome.

Free Group Meditation for all tomorrow Thursday 9th March.

  • Open to all, whether you have never meditated before, practise TM or other silent meditations. Friends & family welcome.  No need to book – just turn up.

  • Giving people the experience of meditating in a group.

  • For those who already practice Transcendental Meditation, the opportunity to help establish a more regular meditation routine.

  • The session will start at 6.15pm with a brief introduction and simple instruction for those with no experience (via a simple mindfulness technique) followed by a 20 minute group meditation with 5 minutes to come out of the meditation.  Then an optional Q & A session for those interested.  Finish at 7pm.

We do ask that you don’t attend if you have a cough or cold etc.

Forthcoming Date’s : Thursdays 9th, 16th, 23rd,& 30th March, 2017

Location at Newcastle University Meet just inside the entrance to KGVI building on Queen Victoria Road, the entrance almost dead opposite the main entrance to Queen Victoria Hospital.  Entry, either front revolving door or walkway to your left (when facing building).

Please note for events at Newcastle Uni All attendees need to arrive between  6.00 – 6.10pm, no later to ensure entry.