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Spring Meditation Weekend by the sea at Alnmouth, Northumberland
Saturday, 25 February 2017 16:05

Nether Grange, Alnmouth, Northumberland, Friday 17th to Sunday 19th March, 2017

A really lovely venue located in this beautiful seaside village within the Northumberland coastal Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Just a minutes walk onto the beach and the perfect place to rest & revitalise, yet only 45 minutes drive north of Newcastle upon Tyne and a two minute drive from the local railway station on the East coast main line between London Kings Cross and Edinburgh.

The all inclusive per person fee is £219 for a single en-suite room & £209 for a shared en-suite room.

TM Weekend Retreats - Everyone needs a break!

The emphasis of these weekends is simply : deep rest & revitalisation, enabling you to gain a clearer experience & understanding of Transcendental Meditation.  They are open to anyone who has learnt TM, regardless of whether you are practising regularly or not.  Many people use the weekend to re-establish a meditation routine.  Starting Friday evening and finishing Sunday teatime, the weekend includes extra meditation (in the group or separately as you prefer) with optional simple yoga postures plus meetings and the opportunity to have all your meditation questions answered.  The whole thing is very informal and there is plenty of time to enjoy the company of meditator's from across the country over delicious meals (vegetarian options available) and leisurely walks on the beach.

To book a place contact me asap