"I slept right through the night last night for the first time in weeks & weeks"  Zara ~ Hudddersfield

"Thankfully regular meditation is helping to keep me sane. I once made the mistake of skipping it for a few days (family were particularly demanding at the time) and I quickly remembered why I needed TM in my life! After getting back on it, thoughts were no longer swirling around in my head at 200mph and I found myself more forgiving with those around me" :)
Emma ~ N.Wales

"I'm still enjoying meditating every day,"  Jane ~ Lincoln

"Very different compared to prior mindfulness meditation I used to do.  Very clearly explained - I like + understand the concept and mechanics.  Enjoyable & interesting course"

Sean ~ Glasgow



Los Angeles Times Discoveries from the world of science and medicine Science Science Now

Can a mouse meditate? Why these researchers want to find out

Mice can't sit with their legs crossed, staring at a sunset. But they can get some of the benefits of meditation, a new study shows.

"I am still meditating every day and it is going really well,"

Janet ~ Richmond, North Yorks

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.  It has all made total sense and I feel I completely understand the ethos & am really looking forward to making it part of my life.  Have felt calmness during the day, lightheartedness"

Michele ~ Andover

"Really enjoyed the course, found it very interesting.  It's very different to anything I have done"

Claire ~ Andover

"TM, it's become part of who I am. I can't recommend it highly enough, and my daily quiet times are very precious helping me stay calm and steady."

Ian ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

Birds good for your mental health?


Watching garden birds is good for your mental health, research shows

Being able to see birds, shrubs and trees can help mental health, despite whether people are in an urban or more rural area, academics foundBeing able to see birds, shrubs and trees can help mental health, even if people are not in a rural area, academics found CREDIT: JEFF J MITCHELL/GETTY IMAGES


Nether Grange, Alnmouth, Northumberland, Friday 17th to Sunday 19th March, 2017

A really lovely venue located in this beautiful seaside village within the Northumberland coastal Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  Just a minutes walk onto the beach and the perfect place to rest & revitalise, yet only 45 minutes drive north of Newcastle upon Tyne and a two minute drive from the local railway station on the East coast main line between London Kings Cross and Edinburgh.

The all inclusive per person fee is £219 for a single en-suite room & £209 for a shared en-suite room.

TM Weekend Retreats - Everyone needs a break!

The emphasis of these weekends is simply : deep rest & revitalisation, enabling you to gain a clearer experience & understanding of Transcendental Meditation.  They are open to anyone who has learnt TM, regardless of whether you are practising regularly or not.  Many people use the weekend to re-establish a meditation routine.  Starting Friday evening and finishing Sunday teatime, the weekend includes extra meditation (in the group or separately as you prefer) with optional simple yoga postures plus meetings and the opportunity to have all your meditation questions answered.  The whole thing is very informal and there is plenty of time to enjoy the company of meditator's from across the country over delicious meals (vegetarian options available) and leisurely walks on the beach.

To book a place contact me asap

" I am still on a ship. Currently in New Zealand and about to be heading towards Japan. You will be pleased to know I meditate every day and twice when I can. It keeps me focused during all the work. So that one course in Ringwood has proven beneficial."

Michelle ~ Bournemouth

"My practice is very healthy and I enjoy it immensely. I also enjoy Insight Time! What an amazing app."
Wendy ~ Blairgowrie, Scotland


"I enjoyed the course and am loving meditating. I have done it every day since, except one (due to over-indulgence the previous night).
Due to my shifts I am sometimes only managing one meditation but am doing two whenever possible."
Damian ~ Manchester



"I still meditate twice a day (while commuting to work!) and it is such a wonderful tool helping in coping with every day stress and "juggling life" in general."

Lisa ~ Stockholm, Sweden

"Found the refresher course just what I needed. I am now back on track.
40 mins split into Morning and Late afternoon means I get more done
feel better and still have plenty of time to spare.

If anyone says ‘I don’t have the time’, tell them to meditate. They will find
time they never knew they had...seriously, and as a bonus they will feel better, look better, and others will notice the changes."

Peter ~ Altrincham, Manchester

"I learned TM in Newcastle many years ago and it changed me and my life in so many positive ways. Having a safe place to go 'in my head' when stress and madness surrounds is so re-assuring. I would recommend anyone to learn. There is a thriving community of meditators here in the North-East, but no pressure to engage. You can meditate on your own, or in a group: both are wonderful things to do."

Adrian ~ County Durham

"Still practicing! "
Sue ~ North Yorks

"I've been meditating consistently since attending your course and finding it far surpasses what I'd hoped for."

Andrew ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"Just to let you know I am keeping up with the TM practice.  Some days I only manage one 20 minute session but I have done it every day since my course in November in York.  I can feel the difference and don’t think I would have got through Christmas and the New Year without it."

Jean ~ North Yorks

"Clarity, calmness & a sense of inner peace.  Excellent structure & approach.  Now have a form of meditation that really works for me, always felt mindfulness was sketchy."

Dom ~ Wilmslow, Cheshire

"Clarity and calmness.  A very simple technique that I have taken very easily too."

Mo ~ Altrincham

"Calmness, a sense of objectivity, clarity of thought, increased sense of peacefulness.  I believe that I made the right decision to come on the course"

Laura ~ Altrincham

"Calmness.  The course has been brilliant.  I am looking forward to seeing how my meditation develops and feel that I am at the start of a journey"

Damian ~ Salford, Manchester

"An underlying feeling of peace"

Eric ~ Preston