In Praise of Idleness

Oliver Burkeman asks if the solution to busyness is not to work harder and organise ourselves but to indulge in a little idleness.

Indirectly explains why meditation works & helps people get more done

"Transcendental meditation is a very useful tool to help anyone looking for a good way to reduce stress in their lives. Firstly, do not be put off by the name! Despite its connotations, this is a very simple and effective way to help you deal with all that life has to throw at you."

Will ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

Fetishising Busyness

Oliver Burkeman asks if we are talking ourselves into feeling overwhelmed with busyness.

"David Morgan, who has died aged 83, was an investment banker who rose through the ranks to become chairman of M&G Group. But he was also a man with a spiritual side, and had a long association with Transcendental Meditation as practised by the Indian teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi."

"I'm enjoying meditating.  Can't say I feel any different although I do feel I am sleeping better most nights."

Pat ~ Seaham, C.Durham

"My TM practise is going well and I am really enjoying it."
Marie ~ York

""I do not have to worry about clearing my mind, so meditating will now be enjoyable"

Gillian ~ Doncaster

"It has felt invaluable.  I am so glad I have done it - I think it is going to be really important to me"

Marie ~ York

"Thanks for superb course.  I have found this valuable and I am convinced it will benefit me"

Graham ~ North Yorks

An interesting & relevant article on US military using Transcendental Meditation to help ex-service men & women recover from the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Vets Are Using Transcendental Meditation to Treat PTSD—With the Pentagon’s Support

"I have spoken to people about TM and said how much more powerful I have found it than mindfulness.  I suppose I would benefit more if I did it twice a day but I am happy with the progress I have made at the moment."

Jean ~ North Yorks

"Just finished the course at Newcastle-absolutely loved it. It's the first thing that I've been able to do easily and I'm going to keep going with it."

Karen ~ Houghton le Spring, Tyne & Wear

"Slept right through the night last night!  I've enjoyed the course.  Instructions were clear.  Looking forward to meditating & the benefits."

Pat ~ Seaham, County Durham

"Gained a little place of peace."

Jan ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"Thank you for the whole course earlier this week, I very much enjoyed it. Extremely good introduction & explanation of the process. I have been meditating, managing only once a day, I am finding it very pleasurable and easy to do, and am delighted to have learned the practice."

Kathy ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"Still going strong, I think this is my 10th year at TM now!  Thank you again for the gift of TM."

Lou ~ Manchester

"Only missed one day of meditation since the course in November 2016 and it is certainly helping me to cope with life."

Jean ~ Bedale, North Yorks

"Steve and I are still practising TM 2 years on, twice a day and its definitely helped on many levels."

Jill ~ Manchester

"Yeah the meditation is helping a lot with my pain and definitely with my PTSD it seems to ease my mind and I get less anxious thankfully.  Big fan of TM"

Jenny ~ Washington, Tyne & Wear

"I have told loads of people about TM and how it has changed my life. The effects have been quite profound, I couldn't have coped without TM!"

Steve ~ Manchester

"Awesome meditation today: sometimes it seems like magic"

Rob ~ Newcastle upon Tyne.  Journalist.  (Learned TM in Newcastle upon Tyne in 2008.)

"Been doing the meditation most days and find it hugely beneficial. Can't think of another technique that has had more of a lasting and prolonged effect on my life. "

Colin ~ Fife

Even when angry, Perry’s words are often delivered with a measured, Zen-like calm, something she ascribes partly to a new maturity (“I left my 20s, I’ve embraced and surrendered to my 30s, and I love it. I wouldn’t go back at all”) and partly to her passion for transcendental meditation. “TM changed my life,” she says. “I studied it five years ago in India during my wedding [to Brand], and it was an incredible thing that I received from that time. Some people get very nervous about the spiritual connotations of things, but TM is very medical and scientific. This [she prods at her mobile] is the new form of sugar. It’s the new dopamine, the new stimulant, and everybody has 20 minutes once a day to turn it off and meditate. When I do it, I can feel the cobwebs lifting and can feel this halo. I think that TM is a beautiful way to find real stillness. You should do it.”

"I took my TM course three or more years ago, I have never stopped meditating."

Lillian ~ County Durham



"I’m not managing every single day, but am still doing some TM and benefiting when I do it,"

Barbara ~ Tyne & Wear