"Energy, clarity, calmness, efficiency + strong explanations & foundations"

Ray ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"Impressed with results so far"

Jeff ~ Wylam

"Very good, feeling benefits healthwise"

Danielle ~ South Shields

"Excellent.  It feels accessible to me and simple - enjoyable."

Lorna ~ Gateshead

"Energetic - less brain fog.  Happiness.  A magical power!"

Linda ~ Whitley Bay

 "I notice a difference from the moment I meditate.  I can be stressed, or tired, and I go into a meditation and it just all flows off of me..  I'll come out of it refreshed and centred, and that's how I'll feel, and it'll carry through the day."  Ray Dalio.



All the benefits mentioned below have been noticed  by people practising TM (Transcendental Meditation) over the last 50 years.  What is the difference?  TM is easy & enjoyable to practice, because it involves no concentration & no emptying of the mind or getting rid of thoughts - a very important difference which is the reason why you find people still practicing it decades after originally learning.

Beautifully summed up in the following sentence from someone who learned TM last year :

"I really enjoyed the course, after years of struggling with thought control meditation techniques, TM feels like a breath of fresh air - it almost feels like cheating! I'm managing to practice twice a day and I'm getting a lot out of it already."

Zara ~ Leeds



Health & Medicine


When science meets mindfulness

Researchers study how it seems to change the brain in depressed patients

The Harvard Gazette

When science meets mindfulness

Treating inflammatory arthritis with hydrogel

First of two parts

In 2015, 16.1 million Americans reported experiencing major depression during the previous year, often struggling to function while grappling with crippling darkness and despair.

There’s an arsenal of treatments at hand, including talk therapy and antidepressant medications, but what’s depressing in itself is that they don’t work for every patient.

"Thanks  for the wonderful series of TM workshops at the weekend. It was a really inspiring, life-affirming and interesting experience which I hope will be the start of a lifelong journey with TM.


My meditations are going great so far.  Overall, I’m starting to feel more energised and clear-headed during the day, even after very active nights with the children!"

Laura ~ York 


"Great, finally a meditation I can use"

Andrew ~ Malton, Yorks


"I have stuck with it, and have started to find it is improving. I feel it is definitely worth sticking with it. As we discussed on the course, something is definitely happening!"

Helen ~ York 

Its certainly been my personal experience that TM can be hugely beneficial in helping people suffering from PTSD.  Namely members of the armed forces returning from Afghanistan.



Meditation Reduces Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms

Transcendental Meditation can reduce PTSD symptoms and use of medications.

 Vitalii Bashkatov/Shutterstock
Source: Vitalii Bashkatov/Shutterstock

"I have been enjoying the meditations, I am still working my way to doing it twice a day."

Becky, Brockenhurst, New Forest, Hampshire



4 of the biggest sleep complaints – and how to fix them naturally

Can't sleep at night, waking up too early or suffering from night sweats? Hit your sleep woes head-on with these no-nonsense solutions.

Problem 1: You’re too stressed to sleep

A common scenario. You lie awake going over a problem at work or worrying about your home life or relationship. Your mind is buzzing, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t calm it down.

Try taking up meditation - Try one of the popular meditation apps or if the mindfulness approach (focusing on your breath, clearing your mind) doesn’t work for you, look up Vedic or Transcendental Meditation, which can be a better solution for people with busy minds.

"I still meditate daily and it remains an important part of my daily life. It’s wonderful to have discovered the benefits."

Susan ~ Riding Mill, Northumberland

"Both my wife and myself have been through the TM course with you in Edinburgh a few years ago (albeit not at the same time) and have found it of great value, particularly myself having come through a difficult and protracted period of time with health and family matters."

Mike ~ Glasgow


Rav ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"More energy, efficiency & clarity of thought all day."

Paul ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"More energetic most of day, wish I'd learned 15 years ago"  

Andrew ~ Consett

"Clearer mind.  The course was superb, really enjoyed. I must say Tuesday night (after the meeting) and Wednesday morning were my most profound meditations yet. "   "  

Paul ~ Gateshead

"Happy, calm, focused"  

Patricia ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"Able to manage many tasks very calmly"  

Carly ~ Sunderland

"Absolutely I do still do TM- not as much as I'd like - we've had a really hectic few years.  TM definitely helped but as I said I ought to do it more. There are times when I am so chuffed I have it as a skill - it works wonders in taking the edge off and more when you're knackered or stressed."

Viv ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"I cannot believe it's ten years! Wow where has that gone. I'm still so glad I learnt TM it has been invaluable to me, I do slip sometimes but always feel better when I have been practising."

Emily ~ Manchester

"I had been hoping to make the meeting on Sunday but alas family responsibilities have scuppered me. TM has been going well though." 
Will ~ Edinburgh

"I'm working that Sunday so will be unable to come along to the meeting but do keep me in the loop with any other meetings that come up

Still meditating with only a few days missed so going well still"

Kate ~ Edinburgh

"Still meditating with only a few days missed so going well still" 

Kate ~ Edinburgh


We all know what makes us fat: eating more in calories than we burn off in energy. But though this is true, it doesn't answer the more interesting question - why do we overeat in the first place?

Why do I sometimes feel compelled to eat that bit of cake or bar of chocolate although I know I am going to regret it a few minutes later?

Is it just greed - or is something else going on?

Although self-control is important, there is mounting evidence that stress plays a significant part in weight gain.


One of billionaire Ray Dalio's key success principles is having a "radical open-mindedness" to new ideas.

Dalio has meditated almost every day since 1969 and says it's had a tremendous impact on him. "It gives you an equanimity, a centeredness, a calmness — so that you can thoughtfully deal with things in a better way without being emotionally hijacked."

While there are tons of books on meditation, he recommends this recent one by psychiatrist Norman Rosenthal, which gives an overview of Transcendental Meditation and its many benefits.

Meditation is "very powerful," he says. "It gave me an equilibrium that really helped me."

Allardyce cured his touchline rage with 'transcendental meditation' technique 


Everton manager Sam Allardyce has revealed how meditation cured his touchline rage

Everton manager Sam Allardyce has revealed how meditation cured his touchline rage

"My practice continues daily and my New Years resolution is to maintain two 20 min sessions a day."

Wendy ~ Highlands, Scotland