Tim Bennett has shared is own inspirational story about his recovery and experience with discovering TM through The Trust.

The use of transcendental meditation for the recovery of addiction is well documented and researched. Read Tim Bennett's story about his recovery with TM



The Chef, The Doctor, The Hedge Fund Manager, And Transcendental Meditation
Mario Batali can "comfortably meditate" on his Vespa. Batali, Ray Dalio, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Dr. Oz, and other famous practitioners make the case for...



Ageing rates vary widely, says study

A study of people born within a year of each other has uncovered a huge gulf in the speed at which their bodies age.



"Very positive, thorough, instructive, all my questions were covered well."

Paul ~ Manchester

"Excellent, I have gained so much.  I am able to relax and relax my thoughts, cut off the world for a while."

Lise ~ Altrincham, Manchester

"Very educational and instructive.  A new sense of perspective and clarity.  Explained things in a manner which is enthusiastic and sincere.  Also in a way that is easily understood and not esoteric.  I'm sure this will prove to be a valuable investment.  We have noticed the differences already compared with other forms of meditation. In fact, we have both said how we look forward to meditating rather than it being more 'chore like'!"

Stephen ~ Altrincham, Manchester

"Very good course, very good teacher.  Clear and knowledgeable.  Very pleased and grateful to have found this TM course.  Feel like I've found a pot of gold."

Jane ~ Altrincham, Manchester

"So far, it is going really well, I have been meditating regularly twice a day since I did the course with you and find I have much more clarity of mind at work and certainly more energy."

Tara ~ Salford, Manchester

"It has especially helped me during my exam time when I was really stressed."
Annie ~ Sheffield, Yorkshire 

"I did not think that I would look forward to it as much as I do & am so relieved that it is effortless, was expecting to have to try very hard!  I had not expected such a profound effect and am looking forward to continuing"

Patricia ~ Gateshead, Tyne & Wear

"Happier, calmer, more energy, more patience.  I have been to a couple of other meditation classes before and had come away with the impression that thoughts were to be banished altogether - so am so pleased that I now have the CONFIDENCE to continue meditating, understanding that I'm not doing it wrong.  Thankyou.

Jane ~ Northumberland

"Noticed my day went smoother, my outlook was more positive and could handle stress at work better.  Helped regain my peace of mind.  I enjoyed course & found it instructive & introduced me to a new & other way of meditating & releasing stress.  TM feels so natural & refreshing & that's something I was looking for.  Other meditation techniques didn't stick with me."

Laura ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"Clarity of thought, a lot more focused, I had a better sleep & fell asleep more easily"

Jenny ~ Belfast


Derek ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"Prolonged calmness & positivity all day"

Alex ~ Newcastle upon Tyne


Hazel ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"More calm most of the day, I have enjoyed it and it has answered a lot of questions that I had"

Susan ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"I have a busy mind and the ability to quieten is very rewarding"

Paul ~ St Andrews, Scotland

"Felt more relaxed, enjoyed this meditation instead of being confused about it"

David ~ Livingston, West Lothian, Scotland

"The drink and drugs have been replaced by transcendental meditation."

‘It’s a northern thing’: Tim Burgess of the Charlatans on Manchester, music and meditation


"I've found the meditation practice marvellous for helping me to get calm and rebalance again - I'm SO glad I did the course with you last year."

Rosi ~ Darlington, County Durham

"Very calm and relaxed, I think I may be trying to hard, but I am impressed"

Brett ~ York

"It feels like a present to yourself"

Alison ~ York

"Loved it, so easy and all explained really well"

Veronica ~ York

"Very good course with excellent instructions on the technique"

Ruth ~ York

"I'm still practising every day - it's part of my life now."   Christine ~ Edinburgh

"I'm so glad I found your course and am enjoying my meditation sessions at home.  Although it's still early days, I do feel they are helping my anxiety  and sleep and I'll definitely let you know how I get on over the next month or so."

Judith ~ Hale, Cheshire


"I've got to say but even though it's early days I find that TM is changing my life. I am slightly agoraphobic yet today I went out on my own in the sunshine.....!!!  I have tried nearly everything from pyschotherapy to Buddhist meditation to medication. None worked. TM works for me.
Thank you for your training in TM. It's the best thing I've ever done."
Shane ~ Manchester


"I've tried popping over to the cathedral today at lunch to try and do a little lunch break TM which has gone very well (if you're in the city centre I'd recommend it as a nice place to nip off to and do a little meditation. If you pick a side chapel at the back you don't get disturbed at all and the cathedral itself is lovely, very pretty and very peaceful).
Im also trying a bit of TM on the train to work which was also good today.
Generally I'm really happy with the technique and just finding ways to ensure I incorporate it into my routine.
I do feel a great benefit already."

Jilly ~ Cheshire

For Hollywood actor and Golden Globe winner Hugh Jackman, Transcendental Meditation has been a "life-changer." Before he learnt in 2012, Jackman described how his mind had previously been on a constant lookout for something to do, and this had led to bizarre habits. For example, while driving, he would raise his left foot every time a telegraph pole went past the window: "There was no fear of something bad happening, just the need to ceaselessly occupy the mind," he said.

"In meditation, I can let go of everything … Nothing has ever opened my eyes like Transcendental Meditation has. It makes me calm and happy, and, well, it gives me some peace and quiet in what's a pretty chaotic life!" he says.

"Anyone can do it. You can be an atheist who meditates, a Christian who meditates, a Muslim who meditates. It's like saying. Is walking a religious thing?  No. It's available to anyone, and the quality of your life is changed forever."

"Well I am finally back home in New Zealand now and have been back for about 6 months and everything is going really well.  I've been meditating since we learnt in Manchester and it has really been good to find something that helps with procrastinating and not following through on things. Its given me a sense of clarity as well, all positives things. "Also since I've been back I have had loads of family and friends wanting to learn but the only TM here is the int TM organization and they want $1800 to learn!! "

Adam ~ New Zealand

"Props to Chris at TM Independent UK who taught me how to meditate. It has been a hugely positive influence on my life. The course was very good. Been flying solo since. Amazing results."

Brian ~ Glasgow

"Amazingly I've kept up my meditation practice throughout tho...think it's what's has kept me relatively sane!!"

Karen ~ Leeds, Yorkshire

"More relaxed, more energised" Joanna ~ Leeds, West Yorkshire

"Calmer, more patient throughout the day"  Steven ~ York

"It seems to be working, clarity & calmness.  Having tried mindfullness in the past, I found TM more effortless and more effective"  Tim ~ Southampton, Hants

" Very good, TM is easier then I thought."  Rachel ~ Andover, Hampshire

"Excellent, feel good, calmer, less tired."  Pauline ~ Lymington, Hampshire

Calmer & happier." Abi ~ Christchurch, Dorset