"The course has been fantastic, I can say I feel this weekend has been a life changing experience, TM is so easy. I've learnt to meditate properly & am feeling better and very relaxed."

Yvonne ~ Widnes, Merseyside


Allardyce revealed last week (The Independent) that using Transcendental Meditation techniques has helped him retain a sense of calm amid the stress of trying to preserve the club's top-flight status.

"I feel it's just what I needed" ~ Peter, Altrincham

"Just wanted to let you know that I practice TM every morning without fail before I get out of bed. I try my best to get a PM session in (we have a faith room here at Solent Uni) which is quite different from the AM session in that I really seem to zone out, which is fab. I feel like I'm in an aircraft which is descending to land - that's the only way I can describe it. I have become a walking talking advertising campaign for the Meditation Trust and telling everyone how brilliant it is. We have had a family bereavement recently and I coped really well. My partner says they have seen a real change in me for the better as I am much calmer and thoughtful and generally really chilled out.

Thank you for teaching me TM. It has changed my world for the better."

Carol ~ Southampton

Sunderland manager reveals how he deals with the stress of his job
‘I’m meditating more now because of our Premier League position’


"Really relaxed.  I didn't think i would be able to do this, being such a busy person in mind & body.  Amazing!

Elizabeth ~ Chester

"I would like to thank you very much for an inspiring, knowledgeable, fascinating and clearly explained course on how to practice TM and all the benefits that can be had from it.  I am already feeling less 'wound up' by various things & am determined to keep it up every day (have managed so far since I saw you!) and I already feel this is in no way a chore as I find myself looking forward to that time alone and just with my thoughts,or not, as the case may be."

Gillian ~ Edinburgh


"I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend - thanks for the great instruction! It's been interesting to make the time to meditate since then - strategically feeding the cat so it doesn't interrupt or to *not* put the washing machine on coz the spin cycle is so bloody loud :) The car park meditation also works a treat."
Shauna ~ Dunfirmline.



"Meditation is going well, I was locked out on Tuesday so I mediated in the car while waiting on my husband and kids returning. Felt great."  Leigh ~ Edinburgh

"We both really enjoyed the course, and would highly recommend it!" Peter ~ Huddersfield, Yorkshire


"I've just finished 20 minutes meditation here at home, yes I still do it regularly and still feel great afterwards."

Hazel ~ Newcastle upon Tyne


Interesting article, but when are the media going to catch up and show pics of people meditating on the way to work, as so many do. Maybe sitting on the tube or service station car park with eyes closed isn't quite so attractive, but it still does the job. :)

Could meditation really help slow the ageing process?

It may seem unlikely, but a small and growing body of evidence suggests that regular meditation can indeed slow ageing, at least at a cellular level

Buddhist monks meditating. There is a small but growing body of evidence that regular meditation really can slow ageing, at least at the cellular level.
Buddhist monks meditating. There is a small but growing body of evidence that regular meditation really can slow ageing, at least at the cellular level. Photograph: Athit Perawongmetha/Reuters


"Just wanted to let you know that I am still practicing TM.

I do it every morning without fail and most nights if my schedule allows.

On the nights I don’t get chance to do it I use the practice while trying to sleep and wake up the next morning fresh as a daisy.

On the odd occasion I miss a TM in the morning I and most people around can tell.

Best way to describe it is that it clears the brain completely of old thoughts.

This is really good for me as a graphic designer as it makes it easier for new thoughts / ideas to come in afterwards.

Generally I am more relaxed, easier to be around and more thoughtful person since the course I did with you just over a year ago.

I always felt I was an empathetic person but since practicing TM I think I have become more empathetic.

With regards to TM itself I can literally do it anywhere and it makes train journeys to London enjoyable these days."

Steve ~ York

“Meditation going very well - awake at 5.30 am every morning this week and doing a full 20 minutes sat up in bed a la Katie Perry.  Lovely, positive attitude – think this was made for me”   Carol ~ Southampton

“Very encouraging.  I am looking forward to progressing further”    Louis ~ Bournemouth

“I feel a whole lot more relaxed and content generally – although hard to put my finger on how.  Feel like it has come to me at the right time.  I am really looking forward to practicing and building it into my routine”                                                                               Kathryn ~ Bournemouth

“ It was the piece that I needed to complete my meditation experience”   Michelle ~ Bournemouth

“Like it”    Estelle ~ Bournemouth


"I may not meditate everyday, maybe not even every week but, knowing that TM is there, and it is something I can do anywhere at anytime, feels like having a safety net with me at all times."
Karen, Service Delivery Manager (Voluntary Sector) ~ Tyneside



"Thank you for a great introduction to TM!  The practice has become part of my daily routine and I am reaping the benefits already."

Chloe ~ South Shields, Tyne & Wear.

"I'm still meditating, two or once per day - I've tried parked cars/noisy small plane etc and it still works !

I still feel great ( somehow "lighter" ...but unfortunately not slimmer)."
John ~ Newcastle upon Tyne


"We are continuing the meditation on a daily basis, and I must say that we enjoy and look forward to it."

Aileen & David ~ Waterlooville, Hampshire

“Thanks for a great introduction to TM, we both really enjoyed it and found the experience very useful.

We meditated together again this morning and I have a regular 4pm TM slot in my diary for the next two weeks while I'm not travelling.”

Oliver ~ Crewe

“Thanks again for the course-really enjoyed it and I'm pretty sure it's helping already.  I have been surprised at how easy it has been”

Mark ~ Bury, Manchester

“Many thanks for a great weekend. I am really excited about taking my meditation experience to a new level and with the right way and form of meditation.  Given real clarity about how and why the meditation works”

Caroline ~ Wallasey, Merseyside.

“I think the course is great and I am feeling happier and more relaxed already.  This is a skill I am looking forward to using tomorrow, the day after and for the rest of my life.”

Matthew (13) ~ Manchester

“Very gentle, positive and encouraging”

Jessica ~ Manchester

“Gained a good grasp of meditation, the practice of TM, theory etc.  The meetings are friendly & relaxing, good environment to meditate”

Andrea ~ Manchester

“I think the course has been very helpful with my anxiety”

Rhian (10) ~ Manchester

“Good.  Very useful!”

Nick ~ Manchester