"Meditation is going well, I was locked out on Tuesday so I mediated in the car while waiting on my husband and kids returning. Felt great."  Leigh ~ Edinburgh

"We both really enjoyed the course, and would highly recommend it!" Peter ~ Huddersfield, Yorkshire


"I've just finished 20 minutes meditation here at home, yes I still do it regularly and still feel great afterwards."

Hazel ~ Newcastle upon Tyne


Interesting article, but when are the media going to catch up and show pics of people meditating on the way to work, as so many do. Maybe sitting on the tube or service station car park with eyes closed isn't quite so attractive, but it still does the job. :)

Could meditation really help slow the ageing process?

It may seem unlikely, but a small and growing body of evidence suggests that regular meditation can indeed slow ageing, at least at a cellular level

Buddhist monks meditating. There is a small but growing body of evidence that regular meditation really can slow ageing, at least at the cellular level.
Buddhist monks meditating. There is a small but growing body of evidence that regular meditation really can slow ageing, at least at the cellular level. Photograph: Athit Perawongmetha/Reuters


"Just wanted to let you know that I am still practicing TM.

I do it every morning without fail and most nights if my schedule allows.

On the nights I don’t get chance to do it I use the practice while trying to sleep and wake up the next morning fresh as a daisy.

On the odd occasion I miss a TM in the morning I and most people around can tell.

Best way to describe it is that it clears the brain completely of old thoughts.

This is really good for me as a graphic designer as it makes it easier for new thoughts / ideas to come in afterwards.

Generally I am more relaxed, easier to be around and more thoughtful person since the course I did with you just over a year ago.

I always felt I was an empathetic person but since practicing TM I think I have become more empathetic.

With regards to TM itself I can literally do it anywhere and it makes train journeys to London enjoyable these days."

Steve ~ York

“Meditation going very well - awake at 5.30 am every morning this week and doing a full 20 minutes sat up in bed a la Katie Perry.  Lovely, positive attitude – think this was made for me”   Carol ~ Southampton

“Very encouraging.  I am looking forward to progressing further”    Louis ~ Bournemouth

“I feel a whole lot more relaxed and content generally – although hard to put my finger on how.  Feel like it has come to me at the right time.  I am really looking forward to practicing and building it into my routine”                                                                               Kathryn ~ Bournemouth

“ It was the piece that I needed to complete my meditation experience”   Michelle ~ Bournemouth

“Like it”    Estelle ~ Bournemouth


"I may not meditate everyday, maybe not even every week but, knowing that TM is there, and it is something I can do anywhere at anytime, feels like having a safety net with me at all times."
Karen, Service Delivery Manager (Voluntary Sector) ~ Tyneside



"Thank you for a great introduction to TM!  The practice has become part of my daily routine and I am reaping the benefits already."

Chloe ~ South Shields, Tyne & Wear.

"I'm still meditating, two or once per day - I've tried parked cars/noisy small plane etc and it still works !

I still feel great ( somehow "lighter" ...but unfortunately not slimmer)."
John ~ Newcastle upon Tyne


"We are continuing the meditation on a daily basis, and I must say that we enjoy and look forward to it."

Aileen & David ~ Waterlooville, Hampshire

“Thanks for a great introduction to TM, we both really enjoyed it and found the experience very useful.

We meditated together again this morning and I have a regular 4pm TM slot in my diary for the next two weeks while I'm not travelling.”

Oliver ~ Crewe

“Thanks again for the course-really enjoyed it and I'm pretty sure it's helping already.  I have been surprised at how easy it has been”

Mark ~ Bury, Manchester

“Many thanks for a great weekend. I am really excited about taking my meditation experience to a new level and with the right way and form of meditation.  Given real clarity about how and why the meditation works”

Caroline ~ Wallasey, Merseyside.

“I think the course is great and I am feeling happier and more relaxed already.  This is a skill I am looking forward to using tomorrow, the day after and for the rest of my life.”

Matthew (13) ~ Manchester

“Very gentle, positive and encouraging”

Jessica ~ Manchester

“Gained a good grasp of meditation, the practice of TM, theory etc.  The meetings are friendly & relaxing, good environment to meditate”

Andrea ~ Manchester

“I think the course has been very helpful with my anxiety”

Rhian (10) ~ Manchester

“Good.  Very useful!”

Nick ~ Manchester




Transcendental Meditation may reduce PTSD symptoms, medication use in active-duty personnel



Meditation Reduces Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms

Transcendental Meditation can reduce PTSD symptoms and use of medications.
Posted Jan 13, 2016
A new study reports that regular practice of Transcendental Meditation (TM) enables some active duty service members battling post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to reduce, or even eliminate, their use of psychotropic medications (link is external) and to better control the often-debilitating symptoms of PTSD.SHARE

“More energy, more clarity, more positive, better less troubled sleep.  Good course, good blend of practice, shared experience and advice based on experience”

John ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

“Calmness, definitely helped me relax my mind.  Now to schedule this into daily life”

Steven ~ East Yorks

“Felt more alert throughout day”

Ryan ~ Alnwick, Northumberland

“Absolutely brilliant, better than anticipated, definite increase in happiness, clarity and energy”

Fiona  ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

“Happier, more energy”

Lisa ~  Sunderland

“Calmer.  Very good.  Good understanding of TM”

Bill ~ Alnwick, Northumberland

“Motivated, more tolerant etc etc”

Chloe ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

“Calm, relaxed, paced.  Peace within, calmness”

Martin ~ Sunderland

" I found the course very effective, informative and painless.  I feel I've found something wonderful; a quiet, comfortable place within that is always there for me whenever I need to recharge or clear my mind"

Seb ~ Bournemouth

"It has been an absolute God send introducing TM to Lisa it really helps and she looks forward to the meditation time so it is the best money I ever spent !

I have also made amendments to my daily  processes and am managing to meditate regularly - half the week at least once and the other half twice so all good

I have slowed down my pace and allowed more me time

Thanks for everything"	Denise ~ Liverpool

"I did the TM course in Edinburgh with you in May 2012 (I live in Sweden). Just thought I'd say hi and give you a recap on how I am doing after receiving your e-mail with tips and course dates.
I have meditated at least once almost every day since then (I can count the few days I didn't with my hands), and just on my own I have gone about doing it the way you describe in your 3 tips - a nice confirmation that I maximise my meditation possibilities in every day life! I have had great benefits:
I worry less, I mostly sleep like a log at night, time management/perception of time during the day is in my favour in the sense that I don't have to flap, but get things done anyway without running out of time. I handle pressure at work in a way that sometimes I wonder if I'm a bit detached for not freaking out more. Oh, and I think I crave less unhealthy food/sweets!
I used to get very frequent migraines with aura before I started meditating (monthly), in the 3 years I have meditated it has happened 3 times. This is also interesting frome a more severe physical health perspective, as I read that people prone to migraines are more likely to get strokes at a young age - meditation has minimized this correlation for me. I also often used to get cold sores from stress - since 2012 I have had them 3 times in 3 years.
So I want to thank you and the Meditation Trust (again!) for sharing this technique that really has changed things for me in ways that are so evident (subjective well being is hard to measure, improved symptoms and health issues are obvious).
I would love for my partner to do the course too, he is interested but can't find the time in his busy schedule. I keep telling him that for health you have to MAKE the time or it won't happen...
All the best for 2016!" Lea ~ Sweden


There are more than 30 million commuters in Great Britain, and for many people the journey to work can take up a huge amount of their time.

A BBC Breakfast survey shows almost a quarter of people find travelling to their jobs stressful.

Those who use public transport feel the strain more than most, the findings reveal.

But which mode of transport is the best way to get around, and most relaxing?

The BBC's Tim Muffett reports.

"I often TM on the London underground or bus!".

- Tara, Lawyer, London

"I have really enjoyed the course and so glad I came"

Kathleen ~ Fife

"Really happy with the course and the support.  Feel happy with what I've learnt so far and feel confident about meditating"

Caroline ~ Edinburgh

"Very good - very different from my previous experiences of meditation and what's expected.  Really looking forward to practising long-term."

Allison ~ Edinburgh


One of San Francisco's toughest schools transformed by the power of meditation
A pioneering programme has reduced stress and improved grades at Visitacion Valley middle school – with lessons for the UK