"3 years ago I was taught TM and what a great difference it made to my life. It's hard to explain exactly but I feel more peaceful, optimistic and calm. I really love the practice of meditation, it almost brings you into another world. I have a lovely feeling of recharging when I'm in deep transcendence and this materialises when the meditation comes to an end. I would recommend TM to anyone that has the calling, you won't regret it!"

Pete ~ Edinburgh

“I learnt TM about 4 years ago with The Meditation Trust in Edinburgh. It has made such a difference to my overall wellbeing. It is a simple tool/technique that I fit in whenever I can and even just 10-15 minutes of it leaves me feeling more energised and refreshed, with a clearer mind. Since I started TM, the things that used to worry me do so less frequently and for shorter periods. I feel emotionally more grounded after meditating and more able to focus on the important stuff in life and let the unimportant stuff go. I believe it is fundamental to my emotional and physical wellbeing. I highly recommend it”

Ciara ~ Edinburgh

"I'm still practising/meditating every day - it's become part of my day & I look forward to my little daily escape!"

Christine ~ Edinburgh



HEALTH NEWS | Wed Oct 12, 2016 | 5:03pm EDT

Meditation linked to lower stress among prison inmates


Study Finds Meditation Can Reduce Trauma Symptoms for Inmates

Researchers found that Transcendental Meditation could significantly decrease anxiety and depression, among others symptoms

Researchers found that Transcendental Meditation could significantly decrease anxiety and depression, among others symptoms.

A new study published in The Permanente Journal presents findings of a four-month long randomized trial, which investigated the effects of a Transcendental Meditation (TM) stress-reduction program on trauma symptoms and associated factors within a male inmate population. This is the first published study evaluating TM in prison inmates, and the researchers found the program significantly reduced trauma symptoms: anxiety, depression, dissociation, and sleep disturbance, as well as perceived stress.

“To our knowledge, this is the largest randomized controlled trial to date of the effects of the TM program on trauma symptoms…” the researchers wrote.



"One thing I did notice a few months ago was I got out of routine and missed some of my meditations
I really noticed the difference, chuckle!  It wont happen again!"

Barbara ~ Liverpool



Hilarious, but about right.

Last year I had to stop running due to a persistent and as yet undiagnosed leg/back injury, so to fill the gap and to cope with the stress of being still...

"Very relaxed and calm - peaceful.  Surprised how "informal" it is compared to other ways I have meditated"

Ann ~ Manchester

"Good, looking forward to the next two days."

Caroline ~ Manchester

"TM is unlike any other form of mediation as it doesn't involve the need to constantly, consciously clear the mind. With TM, when you notice all the trivia, worries and anxieties, day dreaming etc that happen when you sit still for any length of time - you just redirect yourself back into a meditative state using a personal mantra. Sounds simple and it is, and it's very effective too. Personally I have been practising TM for several years, 20 minutes a day after work (you should do it twice a day, morning and night, but I find I only do that when on holiday). Previous to TM I found I was suffering from fatigue in the evenings to the point where I was falling asleep regularly before and after tea. Frankly, any written work I did was rubbish. I felt as if the best of my life was going into the day job and I had nothing in reserve for home and family.

Since doing TM I find I have renewed energy for the evening and almost what I would call 'morning clarity' for any work I do. I regard TM as a gift. You can do it anywhere, anytime. You don't need a quiet or even comfortable space. It works even when you think nothing's happening."

Jane ~ Newcastle upon Tyne


The first studies ever done on TM were about how it provides short periods of deeper rest then deep sleep. This study on sleep indirectly helps explain all the other well known benefits of meditation.


Great idea, could do with the same initiative in UK.

"My TM continues to be an enormous source of stability and joy particularly through a challenging pregnancy when I wasn't able to practice yoga at all."

Laura ~ Edinburgh.

This is typical of the ongoing feedback over the years on the effect of meditation during pregnancy.

"We are still meditating every day and finding it helpful"   Eileen ~ Portsmouth, Hampshire.

"Infinitely less abrasive and chippy than during his younger days he is much mellowed – something he partly ascribes to regular transcendental meditation."   The Guardian on Sam Alladyce


"Like the open nature of how it is taught : ie open minded - not gospel"   Amy ~ Leeds

"Still meditating twice a day most days and still finding it helpful and calming in my everyday life."  John ~ Manchester


"Thank you so much for the vivid and illuminating course over the weekend.  I am well and enjoying the meditation."

Andrew  ~ York



"It's going well, I love it, I'm so relaxed now. It's life changing."  Yvonne ~ Merseyside


"I can't believe how well it's going at the moment. Already I feel even more rested in the morning when I do it upon waking, and I get a second wind in the afternoon once I've done it again. If I do it before working out I'm able to achieve a lot more in the gym than I could previously. I'm much more creative and procrastinate way less than I did previously (it was an issue of mine).  Best 200 quid I've spent thus far."

Scott ~ Lancs