"I enjoyed the course and am loving meditating. I have done it every day since, except one (due to over-indulgence the previous night).
Due to my shifts I am sometimes only managing one meditation but am doing two whenever possible."
Damian ~ Manchester



"I still meditate twice a day (while commuting to work!) and it is such a wonderful tool helping in coping with every day stress and "juggling life" in general."

Lisa ~ Stockholm, Sweden

"Found the refresher course just what I needed. I am now back on track.
40 mins split into Morning and Late afternoon means I get more done
feel better and still have plenty of time to spare.

If anyone says ‘I don’t have the time’, tell them to meditate. They will find
time they never knew they had...seriously, and as a bonus they will feel better, look better, and others will notice the changes."

Peter ~ Altrincham, Manchester

"I learned TM in Newcastle many years ago and it changed me and my life in so many positive ways. Having a safe place to go 'in my head' when stress and madness surrounds is so re-assuring. I would recommend anyone to learn. There is a thriving community of meditators here in the North-East, but no pressure to engage. You can meditate on your own, or in a group: both are wonderful things to do."

Adrian ~ County Durham

"Still practicing! "
Sue ~ North Yorks

"I've been meditating consistently since attending your course and finding it far surpasses what I'd hoped for."

Andrew ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"Just to let you know I am keeping up with the TM practice.  Some days I only manage one 20 minute session but I have done it every day since my course in November in York.  I can feel the difference and don’t think I would have got through Christmas and the New Year without it."

Jean ~ North Yorks

"Clarity, calmness & a sense of inner peace.  Excellent structure & approach.  Now have a form of meditation that really works for me, always felt mindfulness was sketchy."

Dom ~ Wilmslow, Cheshire

"Clarity and calmness.  A very simple technique that I have taken very easily too."

Mo ~ Altrincham

"Calmness, a sense of objectivity, clarity of thought, increased sense of peacefulness.  I believe that I made the right decision to come on the course"

Laura ~ Altrincham

"Calmness.  The course has been brilliant.  I am looking forward to seeing how my meditation develops and feel that I am at the start of a journey"

Damian ~ Salford, Manchester

"An underlying feeling of peace"

Eric ~ Preston


The effect of constant stress on a deep-lying region of the brain explains the increased risk of heart attack, a study in The Lancet suggests.

"Just to let you know I am keeping up with the TM practice.  Some days I only manage one 20 minute session but I have done it every day since my course in November in York.  I can feel the difference and don’t think I would have got through Christmas and the New Year without it."

Jean ~ Richmond, North Yorks


"Even with small children it's easy to do. They sit on my lap with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on TV and I insert my earplugs then begin. Hopefully one day they will copy me and do the same but without earplugs or Ninja Turtles. It definitely keeps me calm whilst I daily fend off manic young children dressed as turtles with a plastic sword in each hand."

Tim ~ Edinburgh

Can in-school meditation help curb youth violence?


"Morales, the Gage Park teacher, said, "As a teacher, I've seen a transformation of how we, how I, handle conflict in the classroom."

Morales, 57, initially was skeptical of the meditation program, doubting that such a practice would make much difference at a school such as Gage Park. Morales said he thought program and school officials were "naive" to believe the program would resonate with students, and he said he expressed his reservations.

But slowly, Morales began to see the upside with students, and himself."


Just a quick update -

I have managed to find time to meditate every morning and almost every evening & I am so glad I came on your course - I am sleeping so much better now than I have done for many years and I am very grateful to you.  I have been telling fellow fibro sufferers about TM and how much it has helped me ��. I have been trying to find time to update you for ages but because I have been feeling so much better in myself, I have been getting loads of jobs done around the house and making the most of catching up.
Have a really lovely Christmas and a happy New Year and I'll see you in March for the group session

Pam ~ Lincoln



"I came across Transcendental Meditation at a chance business meeting, one of my previous work friends during lunch asked how my benign cluster headaches were since we last met.

For many years now my quality of life has been affected by these re-occurring headaches which could last for up to 3 weeks. During these years I had tried every known type of medication and treatments and none of these had any impact.

Following my colleague's recommendations I attended the TM sessions at Ringwood in 2015 just over 1 year ago.

Since that time I have meditated once every day for 20 minutes and I have not had any of these headaches in this period. This is truly life changing for me and I feel a more relaxed person.

It has certainly helped me greatly, I feel less stressed as a person and the quiet of meditation helps me get off the magic roundabout of life.

Thanks to Transcendental Meditation."

David ~ Business Management Systems Consultant ~ Hampshire

"Brilliant, came in as a sceptic trying to help anxiety - can already feel the deep relaxation during + calmness + happiness afterwards.  Really pleased I came and I am optimistic that it will help me a lot in the future with regular practice."

Emily ~ Manchester

"Excellent.  Very well run.  I now appreciate why there are a number of sessions in quick succession"

Will ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"Calmer, happier.  Very informative and reassuring.  Enjoyable."

Barbara ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"Very professional, relaxed, informative and good fun.  I enjoyed the whole experience"

Andrew ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"Excellent, I am already recommending"

Karen ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"I am calmer, more considered, dealing with emotion a little better.  Amaze - balls !"

Ben ~ Yorkshire

"I am currently working on a ship. I still meditate daily."

Michelle ~ Bournemouth

"Slept to my alarm for the first time in years last night thanks to TM!!"   Janet ~ Richmond, North Yorks

"My TM practice is going really well and I'm really impressed with how much easier and more effective it has been compared to the headspace app that I was using. Thankfully the fatigue is starting to subside too! I feel I have learned a skill for life that will help me cope with day to day stress"

Emma ~ N.Wales