And breathe': police try mindfulness to beat burnout

College of Policing to fund trial for more than 1,500 officers to combat stress-related sick leave

Police officers will be taught mindfulness techniques such as slower breathing during the eight-week course.
 Police officers will be taught mindfulness techniques such as slower breathing during the eight-week course. Photograph: Howard Barlow/Guardian

"The meditation has been really good, generally doing once a day."

Brian ~ Manchester

Dr Yuval Noah Harari is a historian, philosopher and author, attracting fans from across the globe including Bill Gates and Barack Obama. Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind is published in nearly forty languages worldwide, and his follow-up Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow was also a top ten bestseller.

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Yuval Noah Harari

Yuval Noah Harari offers his 21 lessons for the 21st century. In a wide ranging discussion with Andrew Marr, Harari looks back to his best-selling history of the world, Sapiens, and forward to a possible post-human future.

Technological disruption, ecological cataclysms, fake news and threats of terrorism make the 21st century a frightening prospect. Harari argues against sheltering in nostalgic political fantasies. He calls for a clear-sighted view of the unprecedented challenges that lie ahead.

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"I have really loved learning how to meditate, I'm already feeling the improvements especially physically in my neck & back"

Amy ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"Good course.  I am sure it will be beneficial to me"

Malcolm ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"Calmness and clarity of mind.  An excellent course, I really enjoyed it and felt that it was suited to everyone on the courses needs"

Nicola ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"Enjoying the TM, I want to keep it up to see its impact"

Rick ~ Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear


Athens Democracy Award Goes to Mozambique’s Joaquim Chissano

Besides bringing peace, reconciliation, stable democracy and economic progress to Mozambique, and supporting LGBT rights in Africa, Chissano is said to have introduced transcendental meditation techniques to government officials, police and military.

Mozambique President Joaquim Chissano and Athens Mayor Giorgos Kaminis.

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 Still meditating!

“Transcendental Meditation is very much a personal sense of space and clarity for me,” said McCartney. “It is one of the most liberating things that I can do to find clarity, mindfulness and well-being. It is an incredible concept, for humanity that allows you be a better person, be more productive, more thoughtful and more calm."

Stella Mccartney ~ WWD

"My boyfriend, Mike, passed your email address on to me as I would like to learn TM. You taught Mike in Edinburgh a couple of years ago and he now swears by it. I think it’s something I could benefit from greatly and was wondering if you could suggest a course for me in the coming months? I live in London but would in fact be quite keen to do a course outside of London. I notice that there is one coming up in Brighton - are there still spaces on this?"

Ann ~ London

"I learned TM with you back in 1998 and its probably the best thing I ever did.  Its been of so much help with dealing with stress and sleeping properly."

Peter ~ Northumberland

"I'm really enjoying meditating and feel like I'm getting huge benefits from the practice.
Thanks for teaching me the TM technique in Hale 3 years ago. It's helped me enormously, especially creatively on my path as a musician for the past year."
Shane ~ Manchester
"Me and Brian really enjoyed the course and are both meditating every day." 
Andy ~ Chorlton, Manchester

"I have been meditating twice a day and I have felt the power of it. I have never know twenty minutes to pass so quickly."

Oliver ~ North Yorks 

"The meditation is moving steadily along and each time it’s different, but in a positive way and I’m careful not to force things, but to let it develop naturally."

Cary ~ Richmond

"I’ve managed to do 20 minutes twice a day, and I definitely feel a benefit. I am feeling calmer generally and sleeping better. I look forward to those two daily sessions!! As someone who was heavily dependent on coffee first thing in the morning, there was one day that I did meditation then noticed well into the morning that I hadn’t had one cup of coffee!!!

Thanks again- this course was one of the best things I’ve gifted to myself!!!"

Mike ~ Edinburgh

"I am meditating once a day and it is helping,"

Jane ~ Richmond, North Yorks

After this months course in Ringwood

"Other methods haven't worked at all - this has been instant."

Nicola ~ Southampton

 "Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you very much for this past weekend.  I have been surprised at how quickly I’m able to feel relaxed during the practice and it feels very meaningful to me.  Thank you again!!!! 

John ~ Edinburgh"

  • "Rich and I are still enjoying our daily TMs and all the benefits it brings our lifes! I would like to pay for my cousin to do your course as a present for her 50th birthday.

  • Teri ~ London

"I've found a way to meditate with a busy 8 nearly 9 month old.. if I sit in the playpen with her she can crawl around and play whilst not crying for me to get her out"

Lia ~ London

"I was taught TM back in 2002? ish - even when not practising 'all of the time', it is without doubt my 'go to' for everything."

Linda ~ Newcastle upon Tyne

"The meditation is going well here and I'm now on my 213th consecutive day (mostly with two 20 minute sessions)!" 

Stuart ~ Glasgow