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About 10 years ago I was an Assistant Head teacher in a large secondary school in the NE of England.  I was responsible for staff Continuing Professional Development and attended an introductory TM course out of interest.

It was advertised as an effective stress management technique for senior staff and was being organised by a colleague working for the Local Authority.  It was amongst the most effective and long lasting CPD that I have ever attended; I would even go so far as to say it was life changing.

A short but intensive course equipped me with the skills to manage an increasingly demanding work load and young family.  Practicing on a daily basis helped to keep the job manageable enjoyable and in perspective.

Gaining a Deputy Headship 3 years later increased my responsibilities and left me feeling I didn’t have time for TM. Within the next 3 years I suffered a debilitating attack of Chronic fatigue the result of a minor cold.  Determined to regain my health I took a long hard look at my lifestyle and the constant demands I placed upon myself and realised I rarely took time out to relax and recharge my batteries.

By relaxation I do not mean reading a book, watching TV, going to the gym or even enjoying a glass of wine and a meal with friends. I had continued to do all of those things.  I mean the sort of relaxation that like the Mediterranean sun penetrates your very soul (spoken as an atheist) and allows you to renew and rebuild your inner resources. So I went back to TM.

Once ‘trained’ TM provides a constant but quietly unobtrusive network and so it was I who sort out Chris Greathead, my original teacher and asked for help.  Over several meetings, with Chris, I relearned the techniques I had let drift, I joined a group of people who where at the beginning of their journey and found myself slipping easily back into the pattern, at no financial cost I should add.  TM provides lifelong support one trained.

I did many other things to rebuild my health (returning to work 6 months later and with no reoccurrences of CF)  but TM was at the core of those things a reminder that deep relaxation and contemplation are not a luxury but a necessity, that taking time out from work and family is not selfish but a survival mechanism. 

I cannot claim I meditate twice a day, everyday but it is a regular part of my life and essential to my well-being.

- Kim, Deputy Head Teacher, Chester le Street

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