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Transcendental Meditation
Simple, effortless Yoga for the mind, the worlds most widely
practised and scientifically validated, non religious meditation


I initially learned about TM from a friend about 10 years ago who recommended it as something which is a very useful tool to have in your armour for coping with stress and anxiety. But, as a regular practice, I've found it to be much more than that - it is a pleasure, an outlet, a time to process, even a time to relax so much you fall asleep!

Although sleeping isn't strictly part of the practice, TM stresses the observation and acceptance of your brain's activity and a very gentle steering back to the mantra. It doesn't require concentration but does take a bit of practice to allow yourself to think freely! I try to practice everyday and especially notice the benefits when I am stressed or have something circling around in my head. TM seems to break the cycle and gives me a chance to step back from the situation, even if it's only for the time I'm meditating. It gives my brain time and space to do what it needs to do without me interfering!

I also use TM to help me creatively because it helps to clear my mind and focus on one particular idea or see the connection between ideas. Or even to while away some time - while traveling, for example, I take the time to do some meditation - even if it's only for ten minutes, I arrive at my destination with my brain a little more sorted than when I left home! But my favorite times to meditate is in places where I think it will be an especially enjoyable experience - in the garden on a sunny day, on the beach on holiday: the combination of the relaxing external situation and meditation is very effective!

It's basically a really great skill to have learned, whatever the situation is and I'll be eternally grateful to my friend for recommending it.

I found Chris to be an enlightening and pleasant teacher. He has a calm air about him which is relaxing and very conducive to meditation! In addition to teaching TM, Chris works hard to keep in touch with his pupils and is always on hand if you have questions. He does regular group meditations around the country and communicates with those he's taught so that you feel part of a community and that Chris is on hand if you should need it (especially useful if you have had a break or have just started practice).

- Kasia, Learning Disabilities Coreworker, Leeds

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Coronary heart disease


High blood pressure


Chronic bronchitis

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