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Greetings from Northern Thailand where, we escaped to following my retirement nearly 7 years ago at the youngish age of 52. For a number of years now I have joked with friends that my overall objective was to live a fit and full life with age 100 as my first target, and my early retirement and move here was all part of this “master plan.” When I left England I deliberately tried to bring as little as possible materially, with the objective of building a new lifestyle, but I did bring with me one very important, in fact an essential element of my life, and that is my Transcendental Meditation.

You may have found this yourself Chris, as you move through life you make various choices and decisions, but it is quite often not until after the event, sometimes long after, that you can see that the decision made was a good one or not. For me, the decision I made in early 1989 to learn TM has had, and continues to have, an incredibly positive influence on every area of my life, and some reading this may feel that is a little over the top, but take it from a very straight talking Geordie, it most certainly is not.

I do believe that by giving my mind a regular “time out” each day with my TM (sometimes twice is too much for my busy schedule!), I am giving my mind and body the quiet they need to do the natural repair work they were designed to do. Whilst I do not wish to tempt fate, the effects of my long term meditation has left me in pretty good nick for a chap in his late 50's, with no high blood pressure or other stress related problems that I hear about from guys often much younger than I. 

Two closing comments to anyone pondering on whether to learn TM or not.

Firstly, all I will say is, if you do take the plunge, and if you devote 40 mins each and every day, I am sure you too will look back in years to come and say this was one of the best decisions you made.

And by the way, besides the health benefits, the feeling after your TM, cannot be described, certainly at least equal to having an ice cold beer whilst watching the sun disappear into the mountains here in northern Thailand.  Which brings me to my closing comment. My serious advice is to try both, the TM & the ice cold beer..

- John, Retired, Thailand

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