Trascendental Meditation UK

Transcendental Meditation
Simple, effortless Yoga for the mind, the worlds most widely
practised and scientifically validated, non religious meditation



Transcendental Meditation Courses

Our TM courses take place over 4 sessions:

* 1 to 1 personal instruction for 1 hour on a Saturday  Here you learn the basic technique of TM & can then practice it on your own at home.

* This is followed by 3 x 2 hour group meetings where the process is fine tuned and you get a clearer & more practical understanding of TM which equips you to meditate on a regular basis in everyday life.  The group meetings are very informal, enjoyable & you don't have to speak unless you want too.

These are held on the following Sunday at 10.30 am + 6.30pm and Monday 6.30 pm
Please note: The Newcastle courses are held over 4 days, ie: Saturday for personal instruction + the 3 group meetings on Sunday morning + Monday & Tuesday evening.


For more info or to book a place contact Chris

0191 213 2179



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