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I had practised various forms of meditation before learning TM in 2009. Occasionally, I'd feel I was making progress, but, on the whole, I was disappointed. At the core of my frustration was the fact that, rather than leaving me refreshed and alert, the concentration involved in such techniques proved a drain on mind and body.

TM is fundamentally different – an effortless dive to the quietest levels of consciousness – and, from my first meditation, I realised I had found something special. Mental chatter began to slow down, my body felt both serene and energised and, when I emerged, the world seemed a more peaceful, less threatening place than before.

It took some time before I understood just how little one should 'do' during a TM session – it's just a matter of introducing the mantra, letting it take what shape it will and drifting deeper into relaxation – but as my meditations became more effortless, I began to notice real changes in my life.

Generally, I do my first 20 minutes immediately before work, and as a result, I find I'm more on top of things, less anxious and (sometimes surprisingly!) cheery. I've experienced an increase in focus, greater emotional control, clearer thinking and heightened confidence. Health-wise, I no longer need to take tablets for a stomach condition I've had for years and was able to quit smoking with relative ease.

I've also noticed loud noises and similar shocks don't create strong reactions in me anymore. It's hard to prove any of these things are solely down to TM, but that's certainly how it seems to me.

Overall, I've come to view meditation as a crucial and enjoyable part of my daily routine. I'm often asked whether I see it as a spiritual or practical pursuit and the answer I give is: 'both'. One doesn't have to accept any particular doctrine to learn TM or interpret its effects as anything mystical. But, emerging from a good TM session, it is hard not to marvel at the profound depth of the technique.

- Robert, Journalist, Newcastle upon Tyne

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Tension headaches



Skin conditions

Nervous tension


Coronary heart disease


High blood pressure


Chronic bronchitis

Excessive smoking

Excessive drinking


Mylagic encephalomyelitis


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