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I am a 50 year old Engineer from Teesside and have been practising TM for around 12 years. I learnt TM to reduce the stress in my life which at the time was mainly work based. It has been very successful at this, and that is why I continue to find the time to meditate even though I am extremely busy. The benefits are that I am definitely calmer and less stressed and feel much more energised. After meditating problems do not seem to be so important and I can generally focus on solutions. Sometimes, when I have missed meditating for some reason my wife will notice I am a bit grumpy and ask if I have meditated and if not to do so! She was very sceptical when I started so this is a great endorsement that she notices TM's positive effect.

I rarely have a eureka moment with TM, and nowadays really notice the difference when I do not meditate or when I am stressed and I need some relief from it. It clearly has long term benefits, that is why you need to practice every day to build up the effect. That said I have had some wonderful meditations and have come out feeling very positive and energised.

There are times when I find TM a struggle and cannot really focus on it with my mind wandering. That is why refreshers are so important to help bring back the simple technique of TM. I was a bit sceptical of TM when I first started, being from a scientific background and my wife even warned me to be careful when I whet to the first meeting! She was worried about the "mumbo jumbo" side of things but I think that adds a bit to the mystic and although my family have asked what my mantra is on many occasions I have never told them.

The bottom line is as a very busy person I still find time for TM after 12 years because it makes a difference.

- Paul, Engineer, Teesside

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Coronary heart disease


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